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seasonal accessories

mion hat

for all the intense intellectuals, beguiling bookworms, stimulating scholars - stay square

meric scarf

sharpei multi hat

osage hat

a classic, comfy, colourful, eye-catching beanie

vautrin wrap scarf

wrap star- day or night, any season, scarf, shawl, sarong

jimmy set

boheme hat

damsel in headdress- don't distress, transform moody hair into a glorious crown

meric hat

nexus tie

sharpei scarf

sharpei hat

charlie scarf

osage hat

elio hat

heirloom wrap scarf

a stitch in time, fashion's fascination with hand knit is ageless

ivy scarf

narrow minded...broaden wardrobes with a skinny scarf that combines confident colours in simple stripe combinations

jimmy scarf

pinwheel cap

cap this..perfect for bad hair days, rainy days, lazy days and just-don't-care days

sharpei hat

who said wrinkles were unattractive...was wrong! with well placed creases here, a few lines there and this hat weathers well in the winter

gypsy hat

ricrac tie

retro meets metro, vintage inspired with a contemporary angle

meric scarf

ultra soft, ultra plush, ultra comfy. solid basic pieces never go out of style

osage hat

mion hat

think outside the box or be square without compromise

elio hat

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