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Care Recommendations

Walker's Apothecary

One of the best organic products for knitwear, denim, delicate fibers, synthetic fabrics and even skincare. Use to clean, neutralize odors, eliminate fading, preserve overall appearance and for aromatherapy.

Birdbath Collection

Proper care of garments is essential. Commercial detergents are good however specially formulated washes with essential oils provide the best care and preservation of treasured items. We came across the BIRDBATH collection by Walker's Apothecary and fell deep in love. The collection delivers on its promise to gently clean, refresh and protect from dye damage.

Complimentary samples with purchase of our hats, scarves and doll clothing

We washed our merino knitwear and delicate doll wear with the Denim Wash and used the Refresh for personal items like Uggs, pet belongings, gym gear and clothes (with smoke, cooking, body odors). The earthy scent of cedarwood, orange and juniper is amazingly refreshing, unique as well as unisex.  Denim Wash is safe for the skin too, don't let its name fool you!

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