Meet the Team



Founder, r.d.w. dollwear

In between school, homework, dance class, affinity groups, anime and social media, there's just enough time to squeeze in a few comments about dolls. "Like." "Yes." "No." "It's Ok." Some of her favorite memories are of playing dolls with her grandmother, for hours, until grandma nodded off to sleep. Following tradition, she always had first choice of dolls and doll fashions and her dolls always dressed in the best, the coolest clothing of the bunch.



Designer, tahajo / r.d.w.dollwear

The goal is to offer affordable accent pieces with the right mix of fashion, quality and accessibility. Collaborating with other entrepreneurs, tahajo recirculates gently used and unused items to accent the home, in addition to partnering with artisans to offer stylish, high quality, American made accessories for 18" - 22" dolls.



Creative Editor, r.d.w. dollwear

Known as the Cat Lady, this retired firecracker is not afraid to share her opinions about what makes a product look better, sell faster and what a customer will pay. A long time graduate of Motherhood University, her wisdom comes from years of experience and knowledge playing with dolls, purchasing dolls, styling dolls -  this love for dolls was passed to future generations. "I'm old not ancient" is her mantra but doll collecting is ageless. It is Timeless